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The mission of the TCS Honolulu LLC, is to focus on providing strategic, substantial and pragmatic advisory service to private, public businesses and organizations. The consultant will utilize their deep industry knowledge, valuable experience and analytical skills to achieve their clients challenges.

TCS Honolulu LLC., is a Honolulu based company, this firm is founded in 2014.

Our Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Finances, entity structure, budgeting and forecasting, etc


Oversight of decision making authority, tasks and protocol’s, etc


Management, employees, customers, etc

Food & Beverage

Operations, Concept Development, planning, Development and Communication, etc

General Office

Control of traffic, customers, vendors, visitors and office operations, etc

Human Resource

Employee Relations, Handbook, job titles/ job description, benefits, training, etc

Event Planning

Planning, ceremony, parties – Birthdays, Kanreki, Yakudoshi, weddings, etc


Creation and oversight of policy & procedures, staffing, operations, etc

Information Technology

Suports, trouble call, etc

Sales & Marketing

Advertising, marketing, Sales, etc

Other Services

Document scanning, back office support, payroll, etc

About Us

TCS Honolulu LLC, is formed for the primary purpose to assist small to medium business to see their business potential thrive. TCS Honolulu works with affiliates provide valuable support services and educate businesses, so they know how to succeed in the business.

The benefits of this connection via consulting services as TCS Honolulu is evident in the simple development of the action plan and a single point of contact to obtain the information needed to make good business decisions.

Tod has had 30+ years in the Hospitality industry from customer service to the retail industry. I specialized in the Food & Beverage Industry, Human Resources, and Accounting/Bookkeeping. In addition, he’s spent time in the Catering and Sales & Marketing. That work venue has provided a great level of experience and success to the basic operations of many companies and corporations. Working with companies who are growing, merging or downsizing has rounded this field of experience.

Our affiliates in turn have years of experience, each in their own fields and then some. The combined business experience strengthens your opportunities, where it can save you time and money. We are dedicated to educate and provide the right match to your business needs. It requires cooperation and excellent communication. TCS Honolulu is there to help you bring it all together with a viable action plan.

Together we present resources and solutions as a united front, TCS Honolulu can collectively serve as your partner to guide you through the challenges that come your way.

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